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light light light

You girls

“She fancies you.”

The smiling round face of the young teenage girl was here, her long honey summer hair caressed by the breeze. I laughed, and they both broke into giggles, hormones rejoicing, as their jeans vanished into the darkness of the shopping arcade


Pony tail

“Uh! Ah!”

The vibrant exclamations coming from across the street called my attention as a passing car caressed the track suited bottom of the young girl, her dark pony tail stressing every sound. Soon her profound eyes were drilling through my skull, my gibberish form was laying on the ground as she walked away, quickly followed by the sway of her hips.



“Have a good night!”

The loud voice was sharply followed by the sound of a hand contemptuously sinking on the young blonde’s bottom, barely hiding behind a narrow black band. The swirls of her flowing hair disappeared into the bright lights of the night.

Two flies, copulating.
I, assassin.

Enduring love.



Como las de los lagartos,
verdes mis manos son,
con escamas de oro.

24 August 2016


26 May 2017

This negative was processed with a different approach on Affinity Photo. All my scans are done on 48bit colour. Usually I convert them to black and white, and go on processing from there.

On this particular negative, I kept it as it were a colour image all the way through, using the saturation shift to control it. What I found out is that I need less manipulation to get the result I want, and gave it a slight tint using the saturation level. What I will have to test now is how it will print, will the tint given by the black and white printer spoil, or enhance it?

When I returned to film photography after a few years hiatus, I decided to try the stand development, mostly as I was curious about the method, lighter on the pocket too. I went back to Rodinal, as it was one of the developers I used in the past, together with Microdol X, both at the same time. I have been adjusting both the processing and the metering with each sortie, searching for the kind of negative I can feel happy about. My current method is still with Rodinal, however, the method is what I call semi semi stand: 1+100 mix, one hour development, starting at 20 Celsius, 1 minute full agitation at the beginning, then 1 minute every 15 minutes. I am getting closer to what I am searching for. Learning about Steve Sherman minimal agitation method using PYROCAT-HD staining developer, a method that seems to stress micro contrast, has made me interested in working with it.

Those who knows me, are aware that I am using 5×4 sheet film, black and white, currently FP4.