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after developing, scanning and processing the last two negatives.

I’ll try a semi semi stand tray development: 12 in 100 Rodinal starting at 20°’C, 1 hour development, 1 minute agitation at beginning, then at 20 and 40 minutes. I hope to get more contrasty negatives whilst still getting detail at the low end.

Is conceptual street photography an oxymoron?

Yellow circle blue line

2 May 2015

City centre on a Saturday…

6 April 2017

Mixed results.

5 photographs, one came good on first view. 2 are ok, no more. On one, the light was wrong, foreground tree should have been lit. On the other, f too small, leaves on first sight are a mess. No patterns. Visually confusing. What story is in there?

Development went wrong, too. Darkroom not dark enought (door). Sort it out. Perhaps to develop only 4 negs on one go… Do not expose for the shadows, aim higher. 

Story… What is the story I am telling with a single image?

I think that I will go for standard development next time, exposure to get detail in the highlights.

On the plus side, I am getting the hang on loading the film holders.

All in all, in spite of the low yield, quite a good day.

Further addition

Issues regarding spoilt negatives due to uneven development, as putting five negs in a rather small tray and left them for one hour and a half (semi stand development) didn’t, obviously, worked out. Going back to develop two at a time on standard time and dilution.

la luna