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Cathedral : Sanctuary

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On a beautiful spring day

Lincoln Street | off Beverley and Barmston Drain. Hull 2018

An area of the city which has seen better days. Before the Great War, this area was densely populated.

This building seems to be a remnant of those years.


River Humber
Flat bottomed river barge
Hull May 2018


Pearson Park May 2018

First 35mm roll that went through the Zorki 4, and I screwed it!

I opened the back when I was unloading when the film was still in the back. I have to sense when the film has unwound/

The kind of mistakes in film photography that, sometimes, are a blessing.

Like in here.

I think it has the Jupiter 50mm, shot at F2.

The rangefinder in the Zorki is way too dark. The Kiev has a better one. Film still in that camera.

and the void…

And testing PMK Pyro developer…