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Self-portrait with Lushkin

I, Pablo Luis González-Rueda, am based in Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

Seeing through the interstices of what we see.


Lust of the senses.

I seek the details of what I perceive, what has been left behind, what we do not see because is right in front of our eyes, the grain of my days, the pigeons on my feet, the sound of my steps, the sun warming my head, the wind ruffling my hair, the smile of a stranger, the kiss of a beautiful woman, the unexpected juxtaposition of objects, of movement, shifting in my perception.

A sense of wonder has never abandoned me.

Still a child, albeit one with tired eyes.

A child, with a penetrating gaze.

A child who does not suffer fools.

A child who tries to challenge his own consciousness.

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