Document or art?

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As I plunge into my archives of the Hull of forty years ago, this question keeps arising. Many of the photographs I have of those years I do not rate them very highly, from a photographic point of view, yet they still constitute a visual document of years past. At the time I was a newcomer to England and, indeed, … Read More

Minerva Pier, January 1977

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Minerva Pier in 1977. River Humber ferry   When I came to see this structure, the landing pier for the ferry across the Humber, I did not realise that the service was going to close soon after to make way for the Humber Bridge, initially labelled as going from nowhere to nowhere.  At the time I had been in the … Read More

Death in a French Garden

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A couple of evenings ago I re watched Michael Deville’s stylised film on a VHS tape I recorded years ago from the TV. I first saw it in the 1980s in the now defunct Hull Screen. It introduced me to the work of the controversial Polish-Swiss painter Balthus; one of his works, The Street, was, is, one of the inspirations … Read More