Notes on Capture One 11 and Affinity Photo

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Having tested the trial of Capture One 11, I concluded that satisfy my requirements: local adjustments using layers, most of the editing tools available for use. Shortcoming in this area made me switch in late 2015 from Capture One Pro 9 to Affinity Photo. Capture One 11 The mask painting brushes are intuitive and extensively controllable.  Adjustment layers are defined … Read More

Thoughts about my approach to photography

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My approach has evolved during the last forty years from an, initially, purely documentary approach, focusing on architecture and the city, to narrow to portraying city life around me, what now is called street photography. Lust for a component: lust for life, lust for the other. Since I embarked in my current project, Cathedral, I photograph what my imagination, my … Read More

Robert Bresson

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On a 1983 interview after the release of L’Argent, he said something like that art which is preconceived is not art. That resonates with me in my current work, where I am striving to achieve something which will contoured as the work progresses.