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Argyle Street, 1977




Spring Bank, 1978

Riverside, 2013




Graveyard city centre, 2013




Albion Street, 2014

Argyle Street, 1977




Argyle Street, 1976

Graveyard city centre, 2014




Abandoned graveyard Spring Bank West, 2012

Pearson Park, 1997




Kingston Square, 2014

Outskirts riverside, 2014




Graduation City Hall, 1978

Cleveland Street, 2013




Paragon Station, 1978

Paragon Station, 1978




Off Hessle Road, 1978

Hessle Road 1977 



I met these two merry men on a Saturday afternoon, many years ago.

They could have been trawler men.

They wanted a print of this image.

The following week i went to this bus shelter, as we had arranged, with said print.

I am still waiting.




City centre, 1977

Victoria Square, 2015




Hessle Road, 1977

Hessle Road, 1977



At the heart of the fishing community.

Many of my compatriots worked on the fish processing plants populating this area.




Hessle Road, 1977

Off Hessle Road, 1977




Off Argyle Street, 1977

Off Hessle Road, 1978







Peace rally city centre, 2003

Veterans city centre, 2011




Holy Trinity Church, 2016

Rank Mill, 2015




Off Hessle Road, 1977

Outskirts Beverley Road, 2013




No walls on this northern border of the city…