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Derringham Street Post Office, 1977




Hull 1976 – 2017


Newland Avenue, 2014




Riverside, 2013

Holderness Road, 2013




City centre, 2012

Bonfire night Pearson Park, 1977




Queen Victoria Square, 2017




Facing a new reality, its strangeness hidden behind the apparent similarities between the Hull and Valparaíso of 1976,
I used a camera as a tool to grip it.




The Alan Skidmore Quartet, 1997

Café owner Newland Avenue, 2014




School run West of the city 2012




Hull Fair, 1979

Queen’s Gardens, 2013




These photographs are the result of my wanderings, on and off, in this city of Hull, for the past four decades,
my eyes alert, my heart and mind open, a camera of some sort nearby.




Minerva Pier, 1985 

Travelers on former railway line, 1985




Riverside, 2012

Off Hessle Road, 1978



A romantic vision of clap board houses with leather settees was in my mind when I arrived in the city.

That was late summer of 1976.




Argyle Street, 1977




Off Argyle Street, 1979

Off Hessle Road, 1978 




Queen Victoria Square, 2012

Bonfire nigh,t 2012



Images made without prejudice.




Queen’s Gardens, 1987

Hull Fair, 2011




Victoria Pier East Hull, 1984



Cat like eyes…