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My large format backpack

The content of my backpack

After several months I have settled on what I take in my photographic sorties, from bottom left:

  1. Black dust bag doubling as black cloth.
  2. Cleaning cloth.
  3. Grey card and Weston Master lightmeter.
  4. Red filter for the 90mm lens.
  5. Mobile: Reciprocity calculator app, phone and camera functions.
  6. I usually take 3 dark slides. The top one is resting on a freezer bag used to help to keep dust out.
  7. 90mm Fuji lens with cable release.
  8. 180mm convertible to 315mm Schneider lens.
  9. Card with my name and contact details on front. On the back I wrote the formula to calculate reciprocity.
  10. Lens caps and focusing magnifier.
  11. Clothes peg to hold dark cloth down on windy days.
  12. Walker 5×4 camera with Arca Swiss mount.
  13. Make up mirror, a recycled street find. I use it to look at the controls of the lens when the camera is raised high up.
  14. 30 cm rule,
  15. Blower.
  16. Torch, useful when darkness comes.
  17. Heavy duty tripod with head and Arca Swiss style mount.
  18. Bag. The actual loaded dark slides are in it.
  19. Grey card sleeve.

Bed is not taken out. Sometimes I also leave my brain behind.

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