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18 November 2017

This is what happens after reading about Francis Bacon…

Penny fountain 1977, from Don’t mind the sun series on the grain of Kingston upon Hull.

This photograph was fly-posted on Princes Avenue / Westbourne Avenue, Hull, on Sunday  12th November 2017.


Unofficial street exhibition

Leave it for others to see it, or take it home, your decision.

Princes Avenue is now my street gallery. This will allow me to show case images made elsewhere.

My approach has evolved during the last forty years from an, initially, purely documentary approach, focusing on architecture and the city, to narrow to portraying city life around me, what now is called street photography. Lust for a component: lust for life, lust for the other.

Since I embarked in my current project, Cathedral, I photograph what my imagination, my self, my memories, my desires, my subconscious, my influences, see, rather than what comes through my eyes.

That is incidental.

The clay of my photography.

Spring Bank West old graveyard

Cathedral scroll