A weeks ago I came across Milana’s YouTube channel. I delved into it, not expecting to find much.

I was smitten, particularly by the vlog posted below:

Particularly from 8.15 forward.

What I saw was a young girl playing in the river.

What I felt was something different.

As she was no longer a young Belarusian girl called Milana, but a primal creature who came from some hidden nook of my conscience, from the times when we all came from the water, from the times than Earth was created, from the times when life was born on the surface of the planet, from the time when humans became humans, that mythical time which produced all those sacred texts.

Rising from the depths of the river,

rising from the darkness of an ancient world,

chasing the sun…

A primordial creature born out of the river, out of the flow of the river, suddenly surfacing, delighting in life, becoming life herself, as it would have been at the dawn of the world.

I am not saying that she was articulating the moment on those terms. She did not need to do so, her whole being was saying something beyond reason, beyond language, a feeling that was deep inside her…


The profound wisdom of childhood that gets buried within society’s expectations.

There is a time for that, 

there is a time to be a child,

there will be, always, a time to be a child

chasing the sun.

Is that not what life is about?


She is very young, twelve earlier this month. The account was created in 2010 by her father. 

Her channel is more than her, although. Belarus was, for me, a kind of grey area in my knowledge of Europe. Her channel has made her land real for me, as we follow her life, her school, her family, her travels.

I read complaints in the comment section of YouTube that she does not correspond with her fans.

Of course she does not!

Why should she?

Her fans do not own her. There is a life to be lived away from YouTube, she has her dreams to chase, smiling eyes Katya and her friends to talk with,  her school to learn…


To see Milana’s channel, please click here.


{Text edited on October 29, 2018}


Beautiful luminescence…

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…on the sky last night, a soft light bathing, and transmuting, the otherwise mundane buildings around me… as if reality had become dreamlike,perhaps just a few moments,… that will last for an eternity. 

The storm died at some point when I was asleep, constant rain this morning, the black cat was early on on the balcony, food was put on her bowl, she was relaxed, she has been dropping her guard for the last few days. I stood on the doorway, savouring the morning, listening to the soft rain caressing the grass… pigeons masquerading as medieval monks…