Strange day…


Cats went berserk, myself not in a good mood.


Beautiful luminescence…

…on the sky last night, a soft light bathing, and transmuting, the otherwise mundane buildings around me… as if reality had become dreamlike,perhaps just a few moments,… that will last for an eternity. 

The storm died at some point when I was asleep, constant rain this morning, the black cat was early on on the balcony, food was put on her bowl, she was relaxed, she has been dropping her guard for the last few days. I stood on the doorway, savouring the morning, listening to the soft rain caressing the grass… pigeons masquerading as medieval monks… 

Beautiful dawn this morning

when I woke up. No photographs taken, those in my memory will be my companions.

I wasted a few minutes doing the morning chores, those colours were already gone then.

Reminded me of that dawn, many years ago, on a building facing the bay in Valparaíso, after a night working with fellow students in a project…

I will never forget that morning.

My bedroom faces east. My bed is positioned so that I wake up with the morning sky, and go to sleep with the stars and the moon, when she makes an appearance.


Some thoughts on social media 1

The slavery of social media is the subservience to the first glance reception that a post, or an image, gets, expressed in the form of likes, or hearts, or whatever. In an era were superficiality reigns supreme, at least according to the big boys of social media, that leads to the tyranny of the lowest common denominator. Time is not let to breath to fully absorbs that post. Reddit, and other mushrooming sites, have taken that to a sublimely ridiculous level, I think, from the information I have been able to gather. Getting paid for high likes posts? That would conspire against publishing both posts and image that, at face value, may not be so attractive, which explore some deep issues, both in text and images, but not being friendly, or easy to the eye and the mind, on a superficial level.

When I got on social media platforms, I fell to the allure of the likes, or getting so many followers, most of whom are only seeking to be followed back so that they can boast of having so many followers, but, just for the shear numbers, not able to have a meaningful conversation with, let say, a million people. Perhaps they fancy to be famous, fame being measured by the number of likes, and followers.

Not me. Not anymore. 



Self portrait set up: ?

Set up self portrait session with the Walker camera. Light source a single lamp. 6 plus minutes exposure time.

However, I forgot to set up the timer, so, eventually, I got bored of waiting the end of exposure, so I closed the shutter.

No idea what exposure time was. Development will elucidate if the negative is usable or not.

I did not keep still, right hand were, half way, raised to cover my mouth, then set it up a bit further back.

Yannick was also  making peace with me.