You are right, these lines have been written before, I am writing them again because that moment flagmarked by those words, written yesterday, a moment that lasted no more than a few seconds, not even a full minute, has remained clinging inside me, eating the innards of my mind, those seconds starving for a because is the because of repeating … Read More

Spring song

The gentle ruffle of spring in the sparrows’ song I hear.

Saturday 1st April 2017

My fist attempt at urban farming. Reclaiming a semi derelict plot on the back of the flats.

Bella a year on

I first saw her a year ago, A rainy winter evening. She came up my balcony, Had a bite, Then disappeared. Late summer she was here Again. Every day She inspected my kitchen. She approved it. She inspected Domi’s bed. She approved it. Long afternoon were spent, Snoozing, As the fall settled in. December came. She decided I needed A … Read More