Blade wants to fly… Saturday 14th January 2017 

Wind turbine blade in the city

Engineering as sculpture. “Fish like” was how a woman behind me described it. A wind turbine blade made its way from the Siemens factory by the docks to Queen Victoria Square, the heart of the city. Sunday 8th of January, 2017

Made in Hull installation : impressions

I found the Made in Hull installation, in the city centre, to be both impressive, yet disappointing.The first part of it was very impressive, indeed. It would have been terrific if the buildings onto which it was projected offered a continuous facade, the scenes of being in a trawler with two or three storey high waves all around you would … Read More


​Instead of trying to get as much as possible a dust free environment when drying 5×4 film, I should try to do the reverse of that, perhaps damaging the negatives when drying…  Thoughts…

Briefing: My large format photography on January 2017

I am concentrating my work on 5×4 photography on a single project at the moment, an abandoned graveyard not far from the city centre, the vegetation having grown to form a cathedral of nature in the middle of Hull, alluding to Philip Larkin description of it. Not that I even knew the existence of Larkin when I first encountered this … Read More