Hull Minster – Saturday 23 September 2017

  Detail of choir bench A visit to Hull Minster.   The Electric Fence, by Annabel McCourt I was attracted by Annabel McCourt installation, The Electric Fence. A take on the current obsession of erecting walls. Part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 programme

Love, loss, memory

“Like Proust, we know love emerges from loss and becomes memory, and that memory informs and enriches art.” Sally Mann : Deep South


Blade wants to fly… Saturday 14th January 2017 

Made in Hull installation : impressions

    I found the Made in Hull installation, in the city centre, to be both impressive, yet disappointing. The first part of it was very impressive, indeed. It would have been terrific if the buildings onto which it was projected offered a continuous facade, the scenes of being in a trawler with two or three storey high waves all … Read More