Robert Bresson

On a 1983 interview after the release of L’Argent, he said something like that art which is preconceived is not art. That resonates with me in my current work, where I am striving to achieve something which will contoured as the work progresses.

The music of images

In the interview that Victor Erice gave at the BFI for the re-release of El Sur, he said that Hollywood cinema abuses music, as the images are already dead, a music which is used as an attempt to revive the cinematographic corpse. He spoke about the music inherent in the images themselves, in the cadenza and rhythm of the visual … Read More

Death in a French Garden

A couple of evenings ago I re watched Michael Deville’s stylised film on a VHS tape I recorded years ago from the TV. I first saw it in the 1980s in the now defunct Hull Screen. It introduced me to the work of the controversial Polish-Swiss painter Balthus; one of his works, The Street, was, is, one of the inspirations … Read More