Schneider-Kreusnach Symmar 180 mm 5,6 lens

  Schneider Symmar 180 mm 1:5,6 lens, the nice postman brought it to me from Wales. It is an old lens, probably 50 or 60 years old. It is rated at f 5,6, however, the aperture opens even more, probably f 4,5 (?). Single coated, I understand it suffers from flare… that is why I bought it, in spite that … Read More

Love, loss, memory

“Like Proust, we know love emerges from loss and becomes memory, and that memory informs and enriches art.” Sally Mann : Deep South

Late spring hot Sunday…

Kiddies enjoy the just opened new fountain in Queen Victoria Square (or just Victoria Square if you are a republican) on this late spring hot Sunday…

Semi semi stand development: notes

Initial results after having developed some negatives using the semi semi stand tray development method, the results are encouraging. I still need to scan and process them, although the negatives looks contrasty with good detail in the shadows. Semi semi stand method is something I have been working out starting from the stand and semi stand methods. What I do … Read More

Chilling out

on this hot spring Friday, Bella rests under the foliage… 26 May 2017