Bella’s arrival

One day, a cat named Bella arrived to my feline household : This vlog explores that event.

Strange day…

today. Cats went berserk, myself not in a good mood. Autumn?

Beautiful luminescence…

…on the sky last night, a soft light bathing, and transmuting, the otherwise mundane buildings around me… as if reality had become dreamlike,perhaps just a few moments,… that will last for an eternity.  The storm died at some point when I was asleep, constant rain this morning, the black cat was early on on the balcony, food was put on … Read More

Beautiful dawn this morning

when I woke up. No photographs taken, those in my memory will be my companions. I wasted a few minutes doing the morning chores, those colours were already gone then. Reminded me of that dawn, many years ago, on a building facing the bay in Valparaíso, after a night working with fellow students in a project… I will never forget … Read More