You girls “She fancies you.” The smiling round face of the young teenage girl was here, her long honey summer hair caressed by the breeze. I laughed, and they both broke into giggles, hormones rejoicing, as their jeans vanished into the darkness of the shopping arcade   Pony tail “Uh! Ah!” The vibrant exclamations coming from across the street called … Read More

Enduring love

Two flies, copulating. Murdered. I, assassin. Enduring love.

A question..

Is conceptual street photography an oxymoron?


No cause and effect link between  one’s life and one’s hand is possible, yet the line of life on my palm is split. A sense of rupture coupled with a child-like wonder at the real and virtual surrounding worlds permeate my work: paintings, painting installations,objects, photography.


Meaning is not the reason of being of the work I produce, it is merely its excuse.