Gas mask and a Zorki 4

First 35mm roll that went through the Zorki 4, and I screwed it! I opened the back when I was unloading, the film was still in the camera. I have to sense when the film has unwound. The kind of mistakes in film photography that, sometimes, are a blessing. Like in here. I think it has the Jupiter 50mm, shot … Read More

Notes on Capture One 11 and Affinity Photo

Having tested the trial of Capture One 11, I concluded that satisfy my requirements: local adjustments using layers, most of the editing tools available for use. Shortcoming in this area made me switch in late 2015 from Capture One Pro 9 to Affinity Photo. Capture One 11 The mask painting brushes are intuitive and extensively controllable.  Adjustment layers are defined … Read More

Debriefing 23 October 2017 : large format negatives

Development using PMK pyro developer went very well, after acting upon previous debriefing on this subject. No stains left behind on the kitchen sink and top. To reduce fogging, I am limiting to develop only three negatives at a time Photograph including the robin : quite a nice negative. Previous image of close up spider web on the balcony with … Read More

Debriefing : PMK Pyro development.

Three 5 x 4 negatives were tray developed with PMK Pyro at 20 C for 9 minutes, with 2 minutes staining in the pyro bath after fixing, continuous agitation.  First one came out beautifully. Second one was under-developed. Usable. Third one, very faint. Unusuable. I suspect that the developer got contaminated with fixer, as negatives went back to the pyro … Read More