My large format backpack

The content of my backpack After several months I have settled on what I take in my photographic sorties, from bottom left: Black dust bag doubling as black cloth. Cleaning cloth. Grey card and Weston Master lightmeter. Red filter for the 90mm lens. Mobile: Reciprocity calculator app, phone and camera functions. I usually take 3 dark slides. The top one … Read More

Notes on light metering and developing: film photography

Further thoughts on this subject.  Light metering depending on the light characteristics of the scene, and its envisaged depiction on print. Development to be based around the stand and semi-stand process, the actual procedia defined  by the contrast and light characteristic of the scene/subject. Still keep a weak solution, variations on the agitation. Tray developed. In this way, the contrast … Read More

Notes about Pyro development, negative and scan processing.

26 May 2017 This negative was processed with a different approach on Affinity Photo. All my scans are done on 48bit colour. Usually I convert them to black and white, and go on processing from there. On this particular negative, I kept it as it were a colour image all the way through, using the saturation shift to control it. … Read More