Galleries rationalization

A number of galleries were deleted as surplus to my outlook. Images have been relocated on other locations.

Banksy in Hull

Draw the raised bridge River Hull bankside: Wincolmlee, Hull 27 January 2018 A comment on Brexit and Hull? That would explain the white wash it suffered during the weekend.  


Bella researching frozen bird water bowl Tuesday 12 December 2017

Hull Minster

Hull Minster, formerly Holy Trinity Church Preparations for final City of Culture performance (propaganda, to my eyes).

Reappraisal of Martin Parr exhibition on Hull food

Having made another visit to the Humber Street Gallery, I had the fortunate moment to see Martin Parr exhibition without a kid workshop going on… Blessing! I can see the value of his work from an anthropological point of view, a record of an era mostly defined by trashy food and take aways, almost like a contemporary version of a … Read More