Spring song

The gentle ruffle of spring in the sparrows’ song I hear.

Bella a year on

I first saw her a year ago, A rainy winter evening. She came up my balcony, Had a bite, Then disappeared. Late summer she was here Again. Every day She inspected my kitchen. She approved it. She inspected Domi’s bed. She approved it. Long afternoon were spent, Snoozing, As the fall settled in. December came. She decided I needed A … Read More

Wednesday 15 March 2017 evening

I closed my eyes for a moment as I listened to the hum of the city filtering through the open window, yet another sound filled my ears, the song of the cicadas, another time, another  place… 

The music of images

In the interview that Victor Erice gave at the BFI for the re-release of El Sur, he said that Hollywood cinema abuses music, as the images are already dead, a music which is used as an attempt to revive the cinematographic corpse. He spoke about the music inherent in the images themselves, in the cadenza and rhythm of the visual … Read More

Made in Hull

There is pigeon and seagull shit on The Blade.  Made in Hull, of course. 


​Instead of trying to get as much as possible a dust free environment when drying 5×4 film, I should try to do the reverse of that, perhaps damaging the negatives when drying…  Thoughts…