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​Instead of trying to get as much as possible a dust free environment when drying 5×4 film, I should try to do the reverse of that, perhaps damaging the negatives when drying…  Thoughts…

Briefing: My large format photography on January 2017

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I am concentrating my work on 5×4 photography on a single project at the moment, an abandoned graveyard not far from the city centre, the vegetation having grown to form a cathedral of nature in the middle of Hull, alluding to Philip Larkin description of it. Not that I even knew the existence of Larkin when I first encountered this … Read More

Caserón destartalado

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El caserón destartalado, musgo en las paredes, en los cielos rasos, I had been there for weeks, I had been ignored for weeks, until that last night when I was invited into their den. The woman was my aunt, however she was not my aunt, somehow. There was a litany of what was bad in that old house, missing wood … Read More