I am drunk, so…

Yes, I am drunk, I wanted to be drunk… Will I get into a new stage in my life from today? Not because I have won the lottery, or something like that. But because what is my head…

Reappraisal of Martin Parr exhibition on Hull food

Having made another visit to the Humber Street Gallery, I had the fortunate moment to see Martin Parr exhibition without a kid workshop going on… Blessing! I can see the value of his work from an anthropological point of view, a record of an era mostly defined by trashy food and take aways, almost like a contemporary version of a … Read More

Notes on Capture One 11 and Affinity Photo

Having tested the trial of Capture One 11, I concluded that satisfy my requirements: local adjustments using layers, most of the editing tools available for use. Shortcoming in this area made me switch in late 2015 from Capture One Pro 9 to Affinity Photo. Capture One 11 The mask painting brushes are intuitive and extensively controllable.  Adjustment layers are defined … Read More

I do

photography, not history.