Beverley Gate

Beverley Gate Remains of Hull medieval walls. On this gate, Charles I was denied entrance by the burghers of the city, the beginning of the English civil war. For more information, follow this link.


Bella researching frozen bird water bowl Tuesday 12 December 2017

Hull Minster

Hull Minster, formerly Holy Trinity Church Preparations for final City of Culture performance (propaganda, to my eyes).

Reappraisal of Martin Parr exhibition on Hull food

Having made another visit to the Humber Street Gallery, I had the fortunate moment to see Martin Parr exhibition without a kid workshop going on… Blessing! I can see the value of his work from an anthropological point of view, a record of an era mostly defined by trashy food and take aways, almost like a contemporary version of a … Read More

Saturday 9 December 2017

Conversation with shop assistant at Sainsburys Local  Whilst buying a bag of cookies. Me, while giving £1 to the assistant: “Oh, I forgot…” Looking for extra ten pence… She: “Milk went up too…” She: “And I work here…” Rolling her eyes Me, while handling the extra money: “Everything goes up!” She “Brexit!” Me “Yeah…” Throwing my hands up in the … Read More