Made in Hull installation : impressions

I found the Made in Hull installation, in the city centre, to be both impressive, yet disappointing.
The first part of it was very impressive, indeed. It would have been terrific if the buildings onto which it was projected offered a continuous facade, the scenes of being in a trawler with two or three storey high waves all around you would have been overwhelming, indeed. Or the footage of the bombing of the city. Good special effects too.
However, the last part of it was, to put plainly, ridiculous. I felt it to be akin a mix of a Siemens marketing video and those films from Soviet Russia or 1950s China marketing the 5 Year Plan which would deliver Paradise on Earth, particularly with that sequence of a row of celebrities and others with fixed smiles on their faces. I also felt that this part was too long, clearly indicating the purpose of this festival does not seem to have much to do with culture, but rather with promoting the city. I see nothing wrong with that, I just don’t like the hypocrisy. Nevertheless, I would have liked the whole of this installation to be longer, the stress being in the history of the city, and its spirit.
Technically, while the installation was brilliant, I felt that the projection paraphernalia in the middle of the square got in the way of actually viewing the installation comfortably. Not sure how they would have sorted this issue out, unless they had the projectors hanging from balloons, or cables.
The sound track felt, in my opinion, like a bad Hollywood blockbuster, especially at the end, reinforcing this idea of happy workers walking to a bright future, a Socialist or Capitalist Paradise, who cares?