Notes about Pyro development, negative and scan processing.

26 May 2017

This negative was processed with a different approach on Affinity Photo. All my scans are done on 48bit colour. Usually I convert them to black and white, and go on processing from there.

On this particular negative, I kept it as it were a colour image all the way through, using the saturation shift to control it. What I found out is that I need less manipulation to get the result I want, and gave it a slight tint using the saturation level. What I will have to test now is how it will print, will the tint given by the black and white printer spoil, or enhance it?

When I returned to film photography after a few years hiatus, I decided to try the stand development, mostly as I was curious about the method, lighter on the pocket too. I went back to Rodinal, as it was one of the developers I used in the past, together with Microdol X, both at the same time. I have been adjusting both the processing and the metering with each sortie, searching for the kind of negative I can feel happy about. My current method is still with Rodinal, however, the method is what I call semi semi stand: 1+100 mix, one hour development, starting at 20 Celsius, 1 minute full agitation at the beginning, then 1 minute every 15 minutes. I am getting closer to what I am searching for. Learning about Steve Sherman minimal agitation method using PYROCAT-HD staining developer, a method that seems to stress micro contrast, has made me interested in working with it.

Those who knows me, are aware that I am using 5×4 sheet film, black and white, currently FP4.