Schneider-Kreusnach Symmar 180 mm 5,6 lens


Schneider Symmar 180 mm 1:5,6 lens, the nice postman brought it to me from Wales. It is an old lens, probably 50 or 60 years old. It is rated at f 5,6, however, the aperture opens even more, probably f 4,5 (?). Single coated, I understand it suffers from flare… that is why I bought it, in spite that more modern lenses were also on offer. It can be converted to a 315 mm focal length, again, as I understand, it is softer, mostly on the edges… Wonderful!
The cable release thread is a bit worn out, one of my cheaper cables didn’t work, but the other one did. Being on a Compur shutter, it works a bit differently than a Copal one.