Semi semi stand development: notes

Initial results after having developed some negatives using the semi semi stand tray development method, the results are encouraging. I still need to scan and process them, although the negatives looks contrasty with good detail in the shadows.

Semi semi stand method is something I have been working out starting from the stand and semi stand methods. What I do is to process for one hour on Rodinal, 12 ml added to 1 l, or equivalent (I am using 9 ml for 0.75 l), one minute initial agitation, then one minute agitation after 20 and 40 minutes. As Rodinal (R09) is one shot developer, this procedure is quite economical.

I am reading the high or medium-high light now, using an old Euromaster meter and a grey card. As I am usually carrying quite a lot of equipment, I do not carry a dslr for me, which I could use for spot metering.