The girl of La Alhambra

I was leaving after my ritual visit to La Alhambra when I spotted this girl going up to the palace. 

Girl of La Alhambra 1


What struck me what her assured attitude, as if she knew where to go, as if she had done that journey uncountable times before.


La Alahmbra Girl 2


I re-traced her steps, and my own, to find her perched on a wall quite high up in the compound, with a cat who seemed to be quite comfortable near her…


Girl of La Alhambra 3


immersed  in a world that surrounded her as if it had been made for, and only for, her.

Even the cat had left, and I became a stone.


Girl of La Alhambra 4


Then she disappeared as silently as she had arrived. She never acknowledged me, or my camera, all the time she was there.

The cat was nowhere to be seen, and I became a person again.

That was 30 years ago.

I quite often I wondered what happened to her. Did she ever went back to that corner in an upper wall of La Alhambra? Is she still in Granada? Is she gone?

I can feel my heart…